Reigning Princess Dolls

Princess Journie


Grant the little black girls in your life the gift of a positive self-image with this charming African American princess doll. When she sees this beautiful representation of herself in the form a loveable doll, she won’t be able to help but smile.

Princess Journie’s buttercream skin is a gorgeous reflection of the skin tones of many black women and girls. Giving her to little black girls in your life could help them love themselves more than they do now.

With an easily styleable head full of soft, fluffy curls, this delightful black princess doll is fun and versatile. You can even pick out her clothes! Select a cute ethic print, a ballet tutu, or something else! You can buy additional outfits as well!

Princess Journie comes in a convenient clear and pink book bag so charming that your little black girl won’t be able to put it down. She can take Journie with her all the time!

• Soft silicone body

• Life-like facial features

• 12 inches from head to toe

• Eco-friendly/non-toxic material

• Detachable/washable clothing


Buy a doll that means something for the little black girls in your life. Shop now.

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