Reigning Princess Dolls

Princess Niylah


Build the self-image and self-esteem of the black girls in your life with Princess Niylah, one of our gorgeous black princess dolls. This adorable toy is the perfect gift as it serves the dual purpose of giving a child something pretty to play with while allowing her to see her skin and features represented as beautiful.

This African American princess doll has a lovely honey complexion and a head full of soft, fluffy curls that can be styled many ways. And, you can pick her outfit! Choose from a cute ethic print, a ballet tutu, and more! Additional wardrobe items are available for purchase as well.

Princess Niylah comes in a convenient clear and pink book bag almost as adorable as she is, so she can carry her around with her all the time.

• Soft silicone body

• Life-like facial features

• 12 inches from head to toe

• Eco-friendly/non-toxic material

• Detachable/washable clothing


Don’t miss your chance to instill pride in our black girls. Shop now.

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