Reigning Princess Dolls

Princess Amina


Start the little black girls in your life off with a beautiful, positive self-image by giving them this gorgeous African American princess doll. Just imagine the light in the eyes of your daughter, niece, cousin or friend when she sees Princess Amina’s pecan-colored skin! She is a reflection of herself, or other black women, in a doll that she can keep by her side every single day!

And there’s more! Not only is this African American princess doll absolutely adorable, she has a head full of fluffy curls that are super easy to style. And you can even pick her outfit! Choose from a ballet tutu, a cute ethic print and more! Additional wardrobe items available.

Princess Amina comes packaged in a cute clear and pink book bag, almost as cute as she is, so she travels well. Any little girl would love her!

• Soft silicone body

• Life-like facial features

• 12 inches from head to toe

• Eco-friendly/non-toxic material

• Detachable/washable clothing


Give the gift of self-love to a little black girl today. Shop now.


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